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Título : The use of Rassias method : micrologues to improve writing on a basic english course
Autor : Coto Pichal, Marisela
Núñez Mercado, Patricia (Directora)
Palabras clave : Inglés--Estudio y enseñanza (Superior)
Método Rassias
Fecha de publicación : 2014
Editorial : Universidad Veracruzana. Facultad de Idiomas. Región Xalapa
Descripción : Writing is one of the most important aspects of language teaching, as “it is likely that most business and technical writing in the world are done in a second language” (Lee, 2012, in Seifoori, 2012, p. 107). Moreover, writing is used in our everyday lives, as well as in EFL learning. However, writing is often seen as a boring skill. In fact, many teachers appear to use a rather monotonous way of working with writing. “Students are often left on their own with a blank piece of paper and a pencil without any guidelines, inspiration or a defined purpose (Ahlsén & Lundh:2007,p.1)...
URI : http://cdigital.uv.mx/handle/123456789/41572
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